Knifemaker Supply Links

Knifemaker Supply Links

I get a lot of emails and comments on where to locate certain things like steel for making knives, springs and odd parts for making tools that I have built. I have gathered a bunch here. If you have a suggestion for a link, please let me know.


Jantz Supply - All things for the knifemaker. Excellent service.
USA Knifemaker (Midwest Knifemakers Supply)
New Jersey Steel Baron - Cutlery steel
K&G Finishing Supplies - Great service. Wood stabilization service too.
Texas Knifemaker's Supply
Oregon Blade Maker - Tools and Materials for Knifemakers
Grizzly Industrial - Tools and supplies for wood and metalworking.
Tru-Grit - Abrasives of all kinds.
Masecraft Supply Co. - Amazing selection of handle material
McMaster-Carr - Mail order just about anything
MSC Industrial Supply

Grinder Parts & Motors
Wheel set for 2" x 72" grinder - Oregon Blade Maker
Dealers Industrial Motors and VFDs - New, new surplus motors and VFDs. Great deals.

I have personally bough from these specialty vendors on eBay or Amazon: Recommended
Maragos Wood Scales and Blocks (eBay) Great selection of scales, good prices. Super service.
Amerimex Arts and Crafts (eBay) Beautiful desert ironwood blocks.
APlus Hardwoods - (eBay) Great scales, very flat and clean. Nice burls. Super to deal with.
Wood & Acrylic Supply- (eBay) Very nice acrylic blocks and scales. Great service.

Acraglas from Richard Supply
West System g/flex (excellent epoxy) from

O1 Tool Steel, 1/8" x 1-1/2" x 36"

Canadian Knifemaker Supply Ltd. -  Shipping to Canada only. Great service. Steel, 2x72" belts etc.
Mike Mossington Supply -  Great service.
Wood Stabilizer - Stabilized wood scales and blocks

Specific Builds:

Items used in specific builds.

For the gas forge build I used one of these adjustable 0 to 30 psi LPG regulators. It works well!

For the HT-2100 heat treatment oven I used a basic temperature controller. This part is meant to drive a solid state relay (SSR). Be careful as some are meant to run relays instead.

This is the 1250°C probe for the temperature controller. I ordered two of these and kept one as a spare. They are cheap and they will fail eventually from the high temperatures and oxidization effects.

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